The special features of the DICK MasterGrip RFID knife series:

  • Integrated RFID transponder with tamper-proof coding
  • Every knife becomes a unique individual item
  • Unambiguous allocation to specific members of staff
  • Automatic, complete traceability
  • Replaces expensive manual labelling or marking

It goes without saying that the new DICK ErgoGrip RFID knives have all the typical advantages which characterize our brand-name products and make them so successful all over the world. Here are the most important ones:

  • Tried and tested ErgoGrip handle: hard, non-slip, non-abrasive and sanitary
  • Ergonomic product design: for pain-free, effective working
  • Long-lasting sharpness: less whetting, less grinding
  • Balanced hardness: significantly less consumption of materials
  • Long-lasting polished blade: for greater resistance to corrosion

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