RFID Tool Dispensing Cabinet
for more safety and efficiency

Who works where, with which tool? Does the employee have the authorisation needed? Has the tool collection been booked? Does the tool management process work efficiently? Key questions asked in every place that works with sensitive, valuable tools. Friedr. Dick has the answer to these questions – with the RFID system. The complete system of hardware, software and RFID tools provides immediate and fully automatic tracing of tools used, as well as providing documentation under quality guidelines.

RFID tool dispensing system with dispensing cabinet

The unmanned RFID tool dispensing system for safe, fast and efficient supply of goods and tool management, via an RFID tool dispensing cabinet, is new at Friedr. Dick. The tools will be available at any time. Single tools or groups of tools, even in packaging units or means of transport, can be collected in seconds. An LED bar indicates the collection boxes via a visual signal to where the required tool is stored, for the
purposes of better orientation.

RFID tool dispensing cabinet: Modular concept, flexible and  expandable


  • Standard stainless steel system
  • Various combinations with coloured powder coatings for an additional fee


  • Various cabinet configurations with a maximum of 16 boxes
  • Variable classification possibilities, individual assembly
  • Can be connected to ERP system and company network


  • Weight per shelf: maximum 8 kg
  • Maximum load: 200 kg total
  • Protection class: IP 65
  • Dimensions: W 100 cm x D 60 cm x H 215 cm

Tool Management with T³ Tool Track + Trace software: Seamless traceability and clear allocation

The doors of the RFID tool dispensing system open automatically after employees
have been authorised. In order to do this, they must sign in with their PIN or RFID card on the touch screen of the cabinet. User authorisation is managed on an individualised basis by the T³ Tool Track + Trace software. Employees can be barred from certain sensitive products.

Quality awareness and self-responsibility

RFID readers which immediately record and clearly classify all processes via a permanent inventory are integrated into the tool dispensing cabinet. A constant target-actual data comparison provides live data regarding the stock in the cabinet, tools in the vicinity and the history of collections and returns. Exchanged, missing or faulty tools are displayed live via the Cockpit display. This makes employees aware of how to deal correctly with high-value tools, and develops more quality awareness and self-responsibility.

All benefits of the RFID Tool Dispensing System at a glance:

  • Tools available at any time
  • Constant up-to-date stock take by means of permanent inventory
  • Reduction of improper and / or unnecessary collection of tools, and thefts
  • Reduction in number of thefts
  • Raised efficiency of work processes
  • Unmanned tool dispensing
  • Increase in product safety and quality standards
  • Significant decrease in costs for entire tool management system